Nurahov Nurzhan N. Exam Schedule

Fri, 17 May, 17:55 — 19:30
International Research Projects: Basic, Applied and Interdisciplinary Research; Organization and Management A18-101, A18-104, A18-105, A18-106, A18-108, A18-109, A18-111, A18-121, A18-131, A18-161, A18-165, A18-201, A18-202, A18-203, A18-204, A18-211, A18-212, A18-221, A18-301, A18-302, A18-303, A18-304, A18-313, A18-401, A18-402, A18-403, A18-413, A18-423, A18-501, A18-502, A18-503, A18-504, A18-511, A18-603, A18-623, A18-901