Matronchik A.Y.

Matronchik Aleksey Y.

Degree: Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Physics and Mathematics

Associate Professor

Department of General Physics (6) / Institute of General Professional Training
Works at MEPhI since 1981
Work Experience: 29 years


1981 — National Research Nuclear University MEPhI


1. General Physics (Electricity and Magnetism)
2. General Physics (Mechanics)
3. General Physics (Molecular Physics and Principles of Statistical Thermodynamics)
4. General Physics (Waves and Optics)
5. Molecular Physics, Thermodynamics and Electrostatics
6. Nuclear Physics
7. Physics

Publication activity

h-index (Web of Science)
h-index (Scopus)
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    The Comparative Analysis of National Student Competitions with the Regional Olympics on Physics // Phisics in Higher Education, 2018 Vol. Т. 24, No. N 2 pp. 68-85
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    Mobile Learning at Lecture Demonstrations and Laboratory Lessons of general Physics Department of MEPhi // Procedia Computer Science, 2018 Vol. 145, Q2 pp. 326-331 doi
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    Web of Science & Scopus
    Usage of Powergraph software at laboratory lessons of general physics department of MEPhI // AIP Conference Proceedings, 2017 Vol. 1797 doi
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    From the Home of the Experiment in Physics – to KurchatovProject: Stages of pre-University Training in the Lyceum // Phisics in Higher Education, 2016 Vol. Т. 22, № 3 pp. 86-94
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    Usage of Multipurpose Software at Laboratory Lessons of “Atomic Physics” Department of MEPhI // Phisics in Higher Education, 2016 Vol. Т. 22, № 3 pp. 63-70
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    National Students Olympic Competitions in Physics as a Mirror of Physical Education Quality in Russia // Phisics in Higher Education, 2015 Vol. Т. 21, No. № 3 pp. 58-79

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