Anufriev B.F.

Anufriev Boris F.

Degree: Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Technology

Associate Professor

Department of device and installation design (18) / Institute of Physico-Technical Intelligent Systems
Works at MEPhI since 1973


1970 — National Research Nuclear University MEPhI


1. Current Issues in in the Development of Information-measuring Systems for the Nuclear Reactors
2. Current Issues of Metrological Support of IMS NPP
3. Current Research Issues of IMS NPP
4. Information Measuring Systems of Nuclear Power Facilities
5. Marketing (Selected Topics)
6. Methods and Instruments of Physical Measurements
7. NPP Constructions: Non-destructive Materials and Elements Testing Methods (Part I)
8. Nuclear Fuel Elements Technologies
9. Physical Measurments and Calculations at NPPs
10. Technical Tools of the Measuring Information Systems
11. Techniques and Methods of Physical Measurements and Calculations
12. Workshop: Information Measuring Systems

Publication activity

  1. Article
    Web of Science & Scopus
    Mock-up of experimental system for control of gas environment parameters in fuel elements during their production // 2015 International Conference on Control Instrumentation Communication and Computational Technologies, ICCICCT 2015, 2015 pp. 668-671 doi

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