Drevs Y.G.

Drevs Yuriy G.

Degree: Doctor of Sciences in Technology


Office of Academic Programs: Division of Cybernetic Intelligence Systems (415) / Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems
  • К-912
  • 9612
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Works at MEPhI since 1962
Work Experience: 42 years


1962 — National Research Nuclear University MEPhI


1. Academic Practice (Research)
2. Academic Practice (research, introduction to the profession)
3. Academic (Research) Practice
4. Academic (Research) Practice: Introduction to the Profession
5. Circuitry of Digital Devices
6. Industry Workshop: research, methods and means of automated systems for information processing and management
7. Operating Systems Architecture
8. Principles of the Control Theory (System Analysis)
9. Professional Practice (Pre-graduation)
10. Professional Practice (Scientific Research ): Automatic Information Processing and Control Systems: Methods and Tools
11. Professional (Scientific Research) Practice: Automated Information Processing and Control Systems
12. Scientific Research Work: Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management
13. Secure Systems Design
14. Simulations and System Design
15. Special Purpose Automated Systems
16. System Simulation
17. Systems Modeling and Simulation
18. Technology of Chip Projects Design
19. Design and operation of special purpose systems

Publication activity

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