Demidov D.V.

Demidov Dmitriy V.

Degree: Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Technology

Visiting professor

Office of Academic Programs: Division of Cybernetic Intelligence Systems (415) / Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems
Works at MEPhI since 2002
Work Experience: 16 years


2003 — National Research Nuclear University MEPhI


1. Audio-Visual Information Processing
2. Cybernetic Systems Design
3. Database Design of Cybernetic Systems
4. Informatics (Informatics and Programming, Computer Architecture, Human-computer Interface Design)
5. Introduction toIntelligent Systems And Technologies
6. Models and methods of data presentation and processing
7. Models And Methods of Presenting and Processing Knowledge
8. Modern Architecture of Intelligent Systems
9. Practicum Project
10. Research Term Project: Designing of Intelligent Systems

Publication activity

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