Demin V.M.

Demin Viktor M.

Degree: Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Physics and Mathematics

Associate Professor

Division of Nuclear Physics and Technologies, Office of Academic Programs (411) / Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering
Works at MEPhI since 1984


1975 — National Research Nuclear University MEPhI


1. Academic Practice: primary professional skills, radiation safety for humans and environment
2. Academic Practice (Primary Professional Skills): Research
3. Academic Practice (Research)
4. Academic (Research) Practice
5. Academic (Research) Practice: Scientific Research
6. Computer Simulation Methods
7. Computer Technology
8. Ecology
9. Interaction of Ionizing Radiation and Matter
10. Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry
11. Mathematical Models in Radiation Biophysics and Ecology
12. Numerical Methods of Ionizing Radiation Transport Theory
13. Practical Training (Research Work)
14. Principles of Environmental Safety in the Nuclear Power Industry
15. Radiation Dosimetry
16. Radiation effect on Humans and Environment
17. Radiation Effects
18. Radiation protection of Nuclear facilities
19. Radiation Protection of Nuclear Facilities
20. Radiation safety
21. Radioactive and Nuclear Waste Safety
22. Safe management and disposal of radioactive and nuclear waste
23. Safety Methods of Radioactive Waste Disposal
24. Safety of Nuclear Fuel Cycle
25. The Effects of Radiation Exposure
26. The Effects of Radiation on Humans and the Environment

Publication activity

h-index (Web of Science)
h-index (Scopus)
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    MEPhI publication
    Comparison of the Effect of Burnable Absorbers (Gd and Eu) on the Neutron-Physical Characteristics of VVER-1000 Fuel Assemblies // Vestnik natsionalnogo issledovatelskogo yadernogo universiteta MIFI, 2019 Vol. Т. 8, No. N 3 pp. 199-205 doi
  2. Article
    MEPhI publication
    Comparative Analysis of Neutrons Properties of Nuclear Fuel Produced by Westinghouse and Fuel Element for WWER-1000 Reactors by code SERPENT // Global Nuclear Safety, 2019 No. N 2 (31) pp. 103-109
  3. Article
    Web of Science & Scopus
    The effect of burnable absorbers (Gd and Eu) on the neutronphysical characteristics of fuel assemblies of VVER-1000 reactors // Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2019 Vol. 1189, No. 1, Q4 doi
  4. Article
    MEPhI publication
    Assess of Possibility of Eu2O3Using as Burnable Absorber in WWER-1200 Reactor // Global Nuclear Safety, 2019 No. N 1 (30) pp. 39-46
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  7. Article
    Web of Science & Scopus
    Nuclear-Physical Characteristics of the Reaction 158Gd(N, G)159Gd // Atomic Energy, 2014 Q3 doi

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