Abdulov R.E.

Abdulov Rafael E.

Degree: Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Economics

Associate Professor

Department of Accounting and Auditing (56) / Institute of Financial and Economic Security
Works at MEPhI since 2012
Work Experience: 6 years


2007 — D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia


1. Analysis of High-tech Global Market
2. Economics
3. Economics Theory: Macroeconomics
4. Economic theory
5. Economic Theory
6. Global Economics
7. History of Economic Thought
8. International Economic Relations
9. Macroeconomics
10. Macroeconomics (Advanced Level)
11. World Economy

Publication activity

h-index (Scopus)
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  1. 2015 The Fifth International Conference on Economic Sciences Report: SOCIOECONOMIC RESULTS OF RUSSIAN AGROINDUSTRIAL COMPLEX REFORMING


Result orientation. Academy of Rosatom

Achieving results through management

Creating an effective team. Academy of Rosatom

Change management. Academy of Rosatom

University management system. Skolkovo

University management system: best practices. Skolkovo

Innovative policy. Skolkovo

Innovative policy: the meaning of the concept and context. Skolkovo

Microeconomics (advanced level).

Formation of the Fund assessment tools.

Research Policy. Skolkovo

Educational policy. Skolkovo

Increase pedagogical skills: internationalization of education (second level of education).

Realization of educational programs using modern educational technologies for electronic and distance learning.

Improvement of educational programs in accordance with the requirements of FGOS in the research university.

Development of control and measuring materials for the implementation of engineering programs.

Innovative economy of Russia in the modern world.

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