Ananin O.B.

Ananin Oleg B.

Degree: Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics


Office of Academic Programs: Division of Laser and Plasma Technologies (412) / Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies
Works at MEPhI since 1984


1962 — National Research Nuclear University MEPhI


1. Academic Practice (Primary Professional Skills)
2. Academic Practice (primary professional skills, introduction to laser thermonuclear synthesis)
3. Academic (Research) Practice
4. Academic (Research) Practice: Laser Systems Radiation-Matter Interaction
5. Experimental methods in the physics of laser plasma
6. Interaction of Laser Radiation and Matter
7. Introduction to Laser Fusion
8. Laser Fusion Physics
9. Laser Metrology
10. Physics of Laser Plasma
11. Plasma Physics and Plasma Devices
12. Professional Internship
13. Professional Practice (Pre-graduation)
14. Solid State Physics

Publication activity

h-index (Web of Science)
h-index (Scopus)
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