Deev V.I.

Deev Viktor I.

Degree: Doctor of Sciences in Technology


Division of Nuclear Physics and Technologies, Office of Academic Programs (411) / Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering
Works at MEPhI since 1958
Work Experience: 53 years


1958 — National Research Nuclear University MEPhI


1. Academic Practice (Primary Professional Skills)
2. Academic Practice (Primary Professional Skills): Research
3. Academic Practice: primary professional skills, thermal physics of nuclear power plants
4. Academic (Research) Practice
5. Academic (Research) Practice:
6. Academic (Research) Practice: Scientific Research
7. Current Issues in Thermophysics
8. Heat and Mass Transfer Theory
9. New Generation Nuclear Reactors
10. Practical Training (Research Work)
11. Principles of Heat and Mass Transfer
12. Professional Practice (Research and Operations)
13. Shipbourne NPP
14. Term Project: Design and Choice of NPP Equipment, NPP Safety and Efficiency
15. Term Project (Engineering Calculations and Npp Design)

Publication activity

h-index (Web of Science)
h-index (Scopus)
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